First Post…more like ramblings!

23 Sep

Well here I am about to embark on my very first blog…except I’ve had one before, and I got into a funk and didn’t have time (at least that’s what I tell myself) and stopped blogging. I’m starting to miss expressing myself daily or weekly whatever will work for me and I want to jump back in, so here I am!

My husband and I have been hit hard by the recession, as most everyone in the U.S of A. has been. And to put it in perspective I guess my idea of being hit hard is probably something like a sissified(not sure if this is a word, but I like it!) version of an actual victim of the recession. I was laid off, along with my entire department, in October of 2010 so almost a year. At first I was ok, because I had never not been able to find a job…yea well let me tell you I’ve been hardcore searching for a job since day 2 of my lay-off and I’ve only had 4 interviews! ONLY 4 FREAKING INTERVIEWS! I’ve been employed since I was 14 so it’s wierd for me to not have a job or something to do on a steady basis every single day. Don’t get me wrong I’m on unemployment, which helps but I want to earn my living and have a purpose in life again! It has gotten so bad lately that I’ve been donating my time to a couple of places by helping out with their office work or whatever, just to keep myself busy. I am so blessed that my husband has a job and is able to pay our bills if something were to happen to my unemployment benefits, but I’ve never been the Suzy Homemaker type (which is not an insult, I wish I was good at running my home but I can’t seem to find a balance….not to mention I HATE dishes and laundry!) so for me to sit at home all day I get bored! And when I start to clean because I’m so bored it’s bad….it’s real bad! I find that I am starting to sink into some sort of funk which might be labeled a depression but I’m not even quite sure what depression feels like so who knows, and I need to get out of it. Hence why I started this blog, to help me vent and work out all the craziness of my thoughts without driving my husband nuts!

Thought of the day #1
  Why can’t I find a damn job????


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