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The Sun Keeps Shining!

6 Oct

I had my first interview in several months, and I feel I did well. The guy interviewing me said I did well, but I always analyze and then over anaylze the interview and think about everything I could have or should have said. I interviewed yesterday morning and he said he was interviewing 2-3 more people and that he was filling the position very quickly…so I’m assuming hopefully I’ll hear something by Friday? Does that seem right, or is that too early? I hate waiting!!!! Double good news though I have another job interview for another company tomorrow at 11! At least I seem to be having some decent luck with getting interviews this week!

The hubs and I have been struggling this week with money, because the past three weeks have been dedicated to our friends wedding. What with bachelorette and bachelor parties, then the rehearsal dinner, Mel’s (my hubby) tux rental, the wedding gift, we spent all the extra spending cash we had for this week too 😦 I feel strapped to the house which is horrible because he starts his Firefighter 2 class tonight and I’ll be all alone ALL DAY!! Again my cats and turtle are awesome but I can’t keep talking to them and making up conversations with them and expect to keep my sanity! I am getting better each day reading awesome blogs!! And trying to do things that help me get out of my funk!

Thought of the day #4
PLEEEEEASE let me get the job!